Paleo or PaleNo? The Complete Scoop on the Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic diet, commonly known as “paleo,” is the latest hot trend in nutrition. It’s not only a new way of eating, but a new type of lifestyle that turns our conventional notion of a healthy diet completely upside down.
The composition of the diet is spelled out in the name itself. Paleolithic diet: The […]

Wine Not? The Low Down on Red Wine’s Health Benefits

Red red wiiinnnnnnne, you make me feel so…healthy? One of the hottest topics in nutrition today is red wine. It’s hyped up as a heart healthy, life expectancy boosting, metabolism pumping magical elixir. Guzzle down the red stuff and you’ll be fit as a fiddle, all while getting a nice buzz on! Say no […]

Diet Soda: A Sweet Lie

A Sweet Lie. Don’t Be Deceived.
Aspartame, does that name sound familiar? How about its commercial names, Nutrasweet and Equal? Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in 6,000 diet food products, including one you’re probably enjoying right now: diet soda. It seems like the healthier choice, choosing diet soda over regular. Why not swap out […]

Juice Cleanses: A Fad that Needs to be Flushed

It’s another Monday morning in Los Angeles. I scroll through Instagram while waiting for my coffee to brew and see the usual pics: the selfies, the no filter, the food porn, etc. My friends complain that Instagram pics are always obnoxious and irritating. These pics never irritated me… until one day, a certain trend […]

Healthy Fast Food…Really?

Healthy fast food, a concept as realistic as Barbie working at McDonald’s. It’s great in theory. Millions of Americans rely on fast food as the staple of their diet, and obviously suffer the consequences as two thirds of the country is overweight/ obese. They could become more healthy without making major changes to their […]